Captain Long - Who is he ? What is he ?

Captain Long isn't one person, it's the name of this group site of Little River, South Carolina fishing captains.

These are Captain Larry Long (Lawrence Long, Jr.), Captain Billy Long, Captain Ricky Long, and Captain Chris Long. The Captains are third and fourth generation lifelong fishermen running commercial and charter fishing boats out of Little River, what has been --until recently-- a small fishing village about 20 minutes to the north of Myrtle Beach.

From a family with roots here for generations, and a bloodline known for longevity, the Captains are a unique bunch, and all descendents of Captain Lawrence Long, one of the original fishermen who began taking locals and tourists on charters in the 1920s.

Below is a little about where they came from and who they are.

Captain Lawrence Long

Captain Lawrence Long, a lifelong fisherman who lived to his mid-90s at the Little River waterfront with his wife Sarah (affectionately known by family and friends as Miss Sally), raised a family of nine children, all who still reside in the Myrtle Beach area.

Captain Larry Long

Captain Larry Long (Lawrence Long, Jr.) is the eldest son of Captain Lawrence Long and also a lifelong fisherman, runs Blackfish Charters out of Little River South Carolina. He and wife Joyce have two sons, only one of which, Captain Chris Long, followed in his father's and grandfather's footsteps.

Captain Billy Long

Captain Billy Long is the second son of Captain Lawrence Long. Captain Billy runs the New Billy Boy Fishing Charters out of Little River.

Captain Ricky Long

Captain Ricky Long is the youngest son of Lawrence Long I. Captain Long runs the New Double R Charter Fishing Boat out of Little River.

Captain Chris Long

Captain Chris Long is the grandson of Captain Lawrence Long I and second son of Captain Larry Long. Captain Chris Long runs Longway Fishing Charters out of Little River, South Carolina.  


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